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The Procedure Aims To Correct The Increasingly Common Male Problem Associated With Increased Breast Size - Gynecomastia.

The operation reduces the so-called female-type breasts to normal male sizes. The problem with the increased size of male breasts can be due to accumulated fatty tissue, as a result of gaining weight, or an increased amount of glandular tissue, which is genetically determined in some men. Usually, in such cases, men are ashamed of the appearance of their breasts and hide them. This problem is completely solvable with surgery and helps men regain their self-confidence.

Before the intervention, you must go through a consultation with our specialist, with whom you can comment on the results you want and how achievable they are. You will be shown where the incisions will be made, and the operative technique will be explained to you. You will be informed about the recovery period and the possible risks and complications related to the upcoming procedure. You will receive instructions on what to do before the operation and what tests you need.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Duration is 1.5-2.5 hours. The location and size of the incisions are determined by the volume of tissue to be removed. Most often, an incision is made around the areola. For smaller breasts, it is enough to make a semicircle around the areola in its lower part. Excess breast tissue is removed through this incision. This is a typical case of correction in true gynecomastia. For larger breasts, when the volume of the breast is due to increased fatty tissue, the so-called pseudo gynecomastia, the operative technique is similar to that of female breast reduction. The incisions are around the areola and vertically downwards; in some cases, an incision is also made under the breast. Excess tissue and skin are removed. After the operation, drains are placed, the incisions are sutured, and a surgical dressing is placed over them. The breast is secured with a bandage to hold the skin in place. In rare cases, when the breast enlargement is small and is due only to accumulated fat, the problem can be corrected with liposuction.

After the operation, the breasts are of normal size for men and are proportional to the body. The result is extremely durable, and only gaining a lot of extra pounds and accumulating fat in the chest can spoil the effect. That is why the patient must take care of his figure by exercising and following a proper diet. Postoperative pains are quite moderate and respond well to ordinary painkillers. A special adhesive elastic bandage (tonoplast) is worn for the first week, and an elastic bandage for another two weeks. After 4-5 days, the patient can return to work. About a month is needed for a full recovery and the disappearance of discomfort.

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