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A flat and tight belly is something that most people put a lot of effort into.

Sometimes, however, our efforts are not enough and this requires various measures. Aesthetic medicine has taken care of the desire to look and feel good.

If a patient wants a tight and flat stomach, then the abdominoplasty intervention is suitable. It removes excess fat and skin and in some cases restores relaxed or split muscles. The profile of the abdomen becomes tighter and smoother, which invariably improves the overall vision and at the same time your self-confidence.

Abdominal plastic surgery is an operative procedure that corrects a bulging and sagging abdomen. If the cause of the condition is limited to accumulated adipose tissue, then liposuction can be performed. When there is an excess of sagging skin, it is surgically cut and removed.

Abdominoplasty is a completely individual procedure, so it is imperative that the patients goes through a consultation with a specialist before the intervention. Surgical removal of excess adipose tissue can be combined with liposuction. There are different variants of the abdominal plasticity procedure – the choice of technique and procedure depends on the degree of desired correction required to achieve the optimal effect.

After the operation, the incisions will be bandaged to minimize swelling. The doctor will give specific instructions to follow for full recovery after abdominoplasty. The dressings are changed every 3 days and the sutures are removed on the 14th day after the operation. Prevent from exercise and fitness for at least 4 months after the intervention. Adherence to the surgeon’s instructions is essential for proper recovery after surgery and the subsequent outcome.

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