Dr. Jack Antoniou, Lecturer At Workshop Plexr Bulgaria

On 23.11.2019 in the city of Sofia, Marinela Hotel, a workshop was held to present Plexr in Bulgaria.

Plexr has proven itself as the gold standard in non-invasive blepharoplasty and has been successfully used for wrinkle removal, non-invasive lifting, acne scar treatment, removal of skin growths, fibroids, xanthelasma, keloids, seborrheic and viral warts, condylomas and more.

Along with Dr. Sotiris Choumas – a Greek ophthalmologist who graduated in medicine in Italy, the guest speaker was Dr. Jack Antoniou from Bellissimo Clinic. Dr. Antoniou was the only specialist from Bulgaria who was invited to take part as a speaker in the event, which gathered hundreds of specialists from all over the country. He received this invitation after showing excellent results to patients from his Plexr practice over the past four years in Bulgaria and Cyprus.

In addition to being a speaker, he also took part in the workshop, demonstrating techniques for working with Plexr on a model.

In order for an intervention with Plexr to be successful, it is most important to trust an experienced medical specialist who has proven his skills and abilities through his practice and its results.